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Welcome to Bella Christie’s Sweet Boutique, where your dessert visions are brought to life with a dash of charm and a sprinkle of elegance! Embark on a seamless online ordering journey to tailor-make your desserts at one of the most cherished custom cake bakeries in Pittsburgh, PA.

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At Bella Christie’s, we’ve made it easy to order sweet treats for your next event.
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Guarantee your sweet delights are ready for your special moment. Choose your desired date and let us manage the rest, providing you with delightful delivery or convenient pick-up options.


Craft Your Custom Cake

Let’s co-create! Our adept team is at your service, turning your delightful ideas into exquisite desserts. Whether it’s a sophisticated custom cake, themed cookies, or a miscellany of sweet wonders, we shape your dreams into a delectable reality.


Choose from Our Luxurious Products

At our custom cake bakeries, select from a sumptuous range of gourmet desserts—cakes, cupcakes, cookies, and chocolate-dipped specialties, all awaiting your personal touch. Unleash your desires and if guidance is needed, our seasoned sales team is at your disposal!


Decide the Perfect Serving Size

Ensure every guest experiences your personalized sweetness. Inform us about your number of attendees, and let our team guide you to order the perfect portion, making every bite memorable.


Share Your Inspirational Images

Your visions illuminate our creations! Upload your inspiration and guide us in handcrafting desserts that resonate with your dreams, ensuring every detail is uniquely yours.

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The Art of a 

Custom Bakery

Our experienced pastry chefs and bakers are here to turn your dreams into a delectable reality. Whether you’re planning a wedding, need a birthday cake, a corporate event, or a simple gathering with friends, our custom cake, cookies, or other sweets are designed to impress.


Start by scheduling a consultation with our dedicated team. We’ll discuss your event, theme, flavor preferences, and any specific design elements you have in mind.


Our talented team will craft a unique design concept tailored to your vision, ensuring every detail is considered.


Sample a selection of our flavors and fillings to choose the perfect combination for your custom dessert.

Delivery or Pickup

We offer convenient delivery options or pickup at our bakery, ensuring your dessert arrives in perfect condition for your event.