In the heart of Pittsburgh, where the Allegheny and Monongahela Rivers merge to form the mighty Ohio, there’s a little bakery that’s been making waves of its own for over a decade. Bella Christie’s Bakery, known for its delectable treats and unparalleled service, has always been a staple in the local food scene. As we celebrate National Food Service Workers Day, we want to take a moment to highlight one of our own, Rumi Kulik, the talented head of custom cookie decorating.

From Japan to Bella Christie’s: A Sweet Journey

Rumi Kulik’s story is one that epitomizes the spirit of determination and passion. Originally hailing from Japan, Rumi’s culinary journey began in a culinary arts school, where she embarked on her quest to master the art of food. Little did she know that her path would lead her to the sweet world of baking, and eventually, to Bella Christie’s Bakery.

After culinary school, Rumi discovered her innate talent for crafting cookies that were not just delicious but also beautiful works of art. Her journey brought her to Bella Christie’s 11 years ago, and since then, she has played an instrumental role in elevating our bakery’s custom cookie offerings to a whole new level.

The Artistry of Custom Cookie Decorating

Rumi’s expertise lies in custom cookie decorating, a skill that requires a meticulous eye for detail, a steady hand, and a touch of creativity. She transforms plain sugar cookies into stunning masterpieces that are almost too beautiful to eat. Her creations range from intricate floral patterns to whimsical designs that bring joy to our customers on every occasion, be it birthdays, weddings, or just a sweet treat to brighten someone’s day.

What sets Rumi apart is not just her technical skill but also her genuine passion for her craft. She approaches each cookie as a blank canvas, taking inspiration from her surroundings, customer requests, and seasonal themes to create edible art that not only tastes incredible but also tells a unique story.

A Sweet Soul with a Warm Smile

Rumi’s dedication to her craft and her commitment to delivering the best possible experience to our customers is a testament to her passion for the art of baking. Her journey from Japan to Bella Christie’s may have been unexpected, but it’s a journey that has enriched our bakery and the lives of everyone who has had the pleasure of enjoying her custom cookies.

Celebrating National Food Service Workers Day

On this National Food Service Workers Day, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to Rumi Kulik for her unwavering dedication, creativity, and exceptional talent. Bella Christie’s Bakery wouldn’t be the same without her, and we are proud to have her as a part of our team.

We invite you to visit Bella Christie’s Bakery and experience the magic of Rumi’s custom cookie decorating for yourself. Join us in celebrating not only Rumi but all the incredible food service workers who bring joy and deliciousness to our lives every day. Thank you, Rumi, for being a shining star in our bakery’s constellation of talent and for making every day a little sweeter for our customers.

Happy National Food Service Workers Day!