Doesn’t Liquid Nitrogen dessert station just sound cool?! Literally, sometimes we can’t get over it either. Let’s just dive right in, what exactly is a Liquid Nitrogen Station and what does it have to do with a Pittsburgh Bake Shop?

Well, thanks to co-owner, Kadee – while in Miami, she taste-tested a Liquid Nitrogen Shot. After one too many shots (*wink) and laying beneath the night stars – she thought to herself  “We could totally incorporate this into our Sweet Treats at Bella Christie’s & Lil’ Z’s!” And there you have it, the Liquid Nitrogen (bakery version) was born!

Q: So what all can you enjoy if you have a #BellaChristiez LN Station at one of your weddings, mitzvahs, corporate parties, birthday parties (or really, any party or get together!)?

A: Flash Frozen Treats: This popular station flash freezes an array of your favorite treats, such as marshmallows, apples, bananas, and brownies. Frozen treats can be dipped in chocolate, caramel, peanut butter, biscoff, or “Nutella”. Guests can choose to dip their treat in one, two, or all three dips for our famous “Triple Nitro Dip”.

Ice Cream / Ice Cream Sandwiches: Delicious hand crafted ice cream. Our fresh crème anglaise base is flash frozen using liquid nitrogen right in front of your guests’ eyes! Your guests will choose from vanilla or chocolate ice cream, then they can select from an assortment of toppings and sauces to create their prefect dessert! We can also create an ice cream sandwich using chocolate chip, oatmeal, or M&M cookies or peanut butter, HoHo, or triple chocolate brownies!

Frozen Cocktail Sorbets: For adults only!  Cocktails are flash frozen into delicious cocktail sorbets. Clients will choose and provide 2-3 “signature” drinks to be flash frozen. Popular drinks are Cosmopolitans, Mudslides, Strawberry Lemon Drops, White Russians, or create your own! NOTE: Non-alcoholic beverages can also be flash frozen. *Alcohol/drinks will be provided by the client or venue. Kids’s cocktail sorbets: Kids can bring their soda-pop, juice, or Shirley Temple to the liquid nitrogen station to watch it become a refreshing sorbet!

Mmm, oh yes – how tasty do all of the above sound? If you want your event to stand out from the rest, our unique liquid nitrogen stations can help! These special treats are created right before your eyes through a flash freezing process using liquid nitrogen at -320*!  This Sweet Treat Station is extremely popular – so we advise you booking, as soon as you know you want it – months in advance.

Sweetly Yours,
The Bella Christiez Sweet Team